Making your own nut butters at home

Are you a fan of peanut butter? Ever wanted to make your own but were put off by thinking it’s a long, complicated process? The truth is, making nut butters at home is incredibly easy, and it doesn’t have to … read more

My New Hobby

I always lived in a tight knit community. I had lived there my entire life. My friends were life long friends and in my neighbourhood, we all knew each other. It was great. I knew all the mom’s, the kids, the postman, the guys who worked in the shops and fast food chains, there was a real sense of community. Of course, this does come with a flip side of everyone knowing each other’s business. I never minded it, but if you liked your privacy, forget it! Keep Reading

Market Testing

I work for a large company that takes afamous, popular brand or product and tests them against cheaper, generic products. The testing is to check if there are any differences between the two, is it worth the money and whether … read more

Helping the Homeless

The last few years had been really tough for me.  I suffered with severe bouts of depression, no medication seemed to work and some days I couldn’t even get out of bed. Depressed The sad thing is, this resulted in … read more

How to look intelligent

Do people tend not to take you seriously because you look like a bit of an airhead? Are you concerned that your grades might be suffering because of the way you look? Are you worried that, with your current image, … read more

Large Affordable Parrot Cages

When you have a large bird, or keep several small animals, you will need a large cage. These can be expensive and may put you off keeping a new pet. Here you will find three large cages that can be … read more