Noe Street

The Ellis Act Hurts San Francisco's
Seniors & Disabled

Real Estate Speculators' Greed Leads To Unjust Evictions

460 Noe Street, San Francisco, CA 94114:


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Do Not Buy Properties Where Seniors Or The Disabled Have Been Evicted For Profit By Real Estate Speculators Using The Ellis Act!


The building at 460-462 Noe Street is a 2-story Victorian building built in 1901 consisting of three rental units - a ground-level one-bedroom, a mid-level one-two bedroom and an upper-level one-bedroom. I moved into the top floor apartment in May of 1995 for $750/month and a last month's rent deposit. In addition, under my rental agreement all utilities are paid by the landlord including gas and electric, water, and garbage service and I have access to a common area laundry room and back yard. The owners then were Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Piazza. After months of looking at many smaller, less attractive and more expensive studios and one-bedroom apartments I was quite happy I had found such a good deal. Over the past 17 years I have done my best to maintain a clean, comfortable apartment for myself. It has truly become my home and my refuge and it has also been the only home my two indoor, companion cats have ever known since I adopted them 10 years ago.


In the Spring 2011 Mr. & Mrs. Piazza decided to sell the building. When Mr. Piazza informed me of this decision in May of 2011, he assured me that I shouldn't be worried because nothing should change for me since I had been such a model tenant.


On March 31, 2012, the building was bought by a group of three real estate speculators based in Union City, CA. They formed a limited liability corporation named 460Noe Group LLC. The building was bought for $860K which was at a significant discount because of its need for renovations to the back of the house on the lower two levels and to replace part of the foundation. In other words, it was a perfect candidate for real estate speculators to make a windfall profit.


Just two weeks later I received a letter from the new owners’ lawyer, Mr. Saul Ferster, which was the beginning of a campaign to get me to accept a buyout offer to move out of my apartment. From the beginning I made it clear that I was not interested in moving. I had just invested a lot of time and part of my retirement money to paint and renovate my apartment (mostly with my sister’s help) so that I could feel comfortable living here for years to come. To be clear, the new owners were completely aware that a senior, disabled, “protected” tenant lived in the building when they bought it. Still, they have since stated time and time again through their lawyer and the managing partner that they would have no problem using The Ellis Act to evict the me if I did not agree to a buyout offer. My response was that after taxes and moving expenses, I would be lucky to be able to afford to rent a new apartment in the Castro for another year before having to move again and besides under Ellis I would have one year to vacate anyway. So to me their offer was a complete wash financially and in no way fair compensation for me for having to give up my home of 17+ years along with my protected tenant status, but a fair deal is not one these owners seem willing to make.


As a result of my unwillingness to accept their take-it-or-leave-it buyout deal, they have given me a notice of eviction under the Ellis Act, effective September 10, 2012. This action shows me that all along they've have no real concern for my future. They just want me gone with the least expense to them so they can maximize their profit. Once again, greed triumphs over fairness and what is right. But as I have stated elsewhere, I will fight this eviction for as long as I am able.


Here is some further information regarding the owners as the result of an internet search:


460Noe Group LLC is listed as the owner of 460-462 Noe Street

The address listed is:

460Noe Group LLC
1755 Decoto Rd.
Union City,CA94587

Partners listed are:
Cuong (Cu) Mai, Managing Partner, Union City, CA
William H. Young, Union City, CA
John H. Du, Union City, CA

John H. Du and William H. Young are connected to two other LLCs: Partridge Investment Group LLC specializing in Real Estate Development and College Investment Group specializing in Business Investment.

John H. Du is connected to other real estate investment and management firms: Uni Group LLC and Ayala Garden 3 LLC, both based in Union City, CA.

Mai and Associates LLC has a location in San Ramon, CA. Active officers include John Du. Mai and Associates LLC filed as a Domestic on Tuesday, April 13, 2010 in the state of California and is currently active. Cuong Mai serves as the registered agent for this organization. The company’s line of business includes Real Estate Investment.