Some parents tend to ignore their toddler’s learning since they assume their child to be incapable. However, it becomes more crucial to learn at such an age so that he or she develops well. If you are currently raising a toddler, try out these activities with your child:

Counting Numbers

Any typical 2-year-old should have the capability to count numbers, even if at least from one to ten. Sure, it is only through plainly memorizing the numbers and not yet actual counting, but your child’s cognitive capacity can benefit from it. Furthermore, it is best that you associate the counting with objects such as fingers or flower petals. By doing this often, your child would struggle as little as possible by the time preschool years begin. Overall, counting numbers is a learning activity for your toddler which will prepare him or her for arithmetics.

Matching Colors and Shapes

Teaching your child how to associate concepts such as a color with a word is also necessary. For example, you can play games with him to tell him which is block is color blue and which is red. If he or she makes mistakes, do not give up, since learning through correction is much better. After all, people, including toddlers remember the answers after correction more than without it.

Memorizing the Alphabet

Similar to numbers, the alphabet is an area to begin your child’s learning. These concepts are all the more crucial for him or her to learn the fundamentals of language start with letters. You should also associate them with words, such as “A” for “apple.” Also, if your child has difficulties with memorizing the entire alphabet, you can opt for songs which are mostly available online nowadays. Remember, creative learning works better for children rather than teaching them the boring way.

Seeing the Environment

Occasional trips outside also develops your child’s sensorimotor system. Thus, it is crucial that they get to see the outside world, but you need to ensure that you keep your attention towards them. Perhaps you can take your child for a walk outside or drive your car with them. If your toddler needs a seat, you may wish to drop by to select among top-quality ones. Keep it in mind that your his or her security is the top priority, so avoid being neglectful.

Story Telling

Storybooks never fail children, particularly those with moral lessons in the end. Furthermore, characters inside them help your toddler gradually develop the ability to put themselves in the perspective of others. Doing so improves their empathy and sympathy towards others, and also sets moral standards. Lastly, stories are the prerequisite for children to be able to roleplay, which enables them to grasp various responsibilities when they grow up, so tell them stories.


Toddlers are quite curious beings, so help them satisfy their curiosity, even if they are still underdeveloped. Remember, this stage is quite crucial for their later development, so try your best with giving your child learning activities.