Twitter has transformed from being just any other social network into a platform you can use to build your brand. With millions of people logging onto this platform on daily basis, it forms a reliable and credible source of traffic for your site. With the right Twitter followers, you have the ability to market your products and services.

But this doesn’t come easy…

The top question on many people’s minds is “how can I grow my Twitter following to make an impact to my business?” the question is justified because getting the right kind of followers to leave an impact is strenuous and depressing, that is if you do it the traditional way.

First Things First

Before you can dive into the process of getting twitter followers faster, you need to make sure you project the right mage to your followers. You need an image that will tell people that you are worth engaging. For this purpose, make sure you establish a brand image complete with the necessary business information.

Once you have the image set up, you need to come up with a bio that will catch the attention of your followers while delivering the core message regarding your brand. Finally, you need to link the Twitter page back to your other social media pages or blog.

Building a Twitter Following the Traditional Way

This involves being on the platform day in and day out to engage your followers. Twitter etiquette dictates that you follow anyone who follows you. However, you don’t have to follow everyone; you ought to choose who to follow and who not to follow.

You need to do this for each and every person who follows your account, a process that can take long and at the end of the day fail to give you the results you need.

You also need to manually engage your followers whenever they post content on this platform Statistics show that only about 30 percent of the users you follow will have the courtesy to follow you back. This can be very frustrating.

Imagine doing this day in and day out without achieving the right results – the perfect recipe for giving up.

Twitter Automation

After going through the traditional method, now imagine having a tool that can safely perform all these tasks for you, and better yet, get you targeted followers that can convert into serious customers. Twitter automation makes use of keywords to find targeted followers for you and then add them to your account.

You can use the tool to automate one of the tedious aspects of Twitter marketing – keeping track of new followers. Remember you need to engage the followers to keep them interested. With the best automation tools, according to Fred, Twitter marketing becomes a breeze.

Final Thoughts

Think about this, going to sleep with minimum followers only to wake up in the morning with a substantial following. All you have to do then is to show them all the cool items you have and convince them to make a purchase! This is how automation works to your advantage.