Tips to Manage Your Employees Effectively

Okay, managing employees is not the simplest of tasks. It is even harder if you have to deal with different departments, each with its distinct role. Whether you’re the human resource manager or are spearheading a team of colleagues, it essential that you come with ways to ensure that everything stays in order. These tips will help you get started. Get Everyone a Badge The first step toward effective employee management is to ensure that you can identify everyone in…

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Compilation of the Best Ergonomic Footrests

It’s probably needless to say that if you work in the office 8+ hours a day that you have to think about ergonomics, in short, that means that you have to sit and work the right way to avoid health problems later down the road. For that reason, we decided to dedicate a post on footrests. Everyone is well aware of ergonomic office chairs, and tables of course but footrests are something few pay attention to. Free Your Spine has…

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