Are you searching for a company that respects your personal space? If so, a cat can satisfy your longing for a company without forcing itself into your life.

Naturally Independent

Since cats are independent loners, you do not need to keep checking yours. And unlike dogs, it will not crave for your attention and charge right into your face in the middle of your alone time. Also, the least you must do for it is feeding and providing a litter box, that’s all. You do not need to entertain it or walk it, and it will approach you only on its whims. Even then, cats are quite amusing and mellow for anyone who owns them.

However, if your cat acquires an illness, you may need to pay additional attention to it. You may need to provide standard pain relief and pharmaceutical medicines for its condition. Furthermore, heat therapy may help your cat’s condition improve so you may consider buying it a cat heat pad where it can recuperate. If you wish to know more about gentle relief methods, pay a visit to Pet Nap:

No Bathing Requirements

Your cat does not need and even hates bathing, so you have more time for yourself. Yes, they can keep themselves clean with only their teeth and tongue. Such spiky tongues that they have, effectively add moist to their coats, while their teeth will remove dirt on itself Furthermore, the paws that they have may act as a cleansing cloth. Lastly, it is even possible for cats to spend half the day just cleaning themselves, talk about independent!

No More Toilet Training

Not only can cats bathe themselves, but they also do not require toilet training. Simply set up a litter box for them, and they instantly figure out its purpose. Even if they do not learn right away, in a few days or weeks, they will realize that is where they should defecate. After all, it is only natural instinct for them, as you can see cats utilize grass or plants as a litter box.

Proficient Hunting Skills

Are you having trouble with a rat infestation and in need of a cheap solution? Well, worry not since your cat will make quick work of these rodents since it has natural hunting instincts. Furthermore, cats come from a genealogy of predatory carnivores, so they are born proficient in catching targets and eating or killing them.

Self and Group Entertainment

Your cat is quite adept at entertaining itself, using boxes, drawers, and yarn balls. You may leave it alone in front of a window and let it observe the environment outside. However, it may also want you to play with it occasionally, such as chasing red lights or playing with toys. Although, it will only agree on its terms, not yours since cats are rarely cooperative with their owners.


Cats are quite compatible with introverts who dislike disturbance but desire company. These are quite low-maintenance pets that are independent, capable of bathing themselves, knowledgeable in toilet training, and proficient hunters. Overall, you may consider adopting a cat if your personality is compatible with it.