It’s probably needless to say that if you work in the office 8+ hours a day that you have to think about ergonomics, in short, that means that you have to sit and work the right way to avoid health problems later down the road. For that reason, we decided to dedicate a post on footrests.

Everyone is well aware of ergonomic office chairs, and tables of course but footrests are something few pay attention to.
Free Your Spine has a compiled a list to find the top ergonomic one, and we selected just a few of them to take a closer look so here we go:

Task Master from Safco Products

This is one of the more luxury footrests we ran into, and with that also one of the most expensive ones, priced at almost 80 dollars. So let’s see what you get for that. It’s a standing footrest that’s adjustable in height, making it suitable for short and tall people.

It’s made from heavy tubular steel which obviously provides for a more stable footrest. The height adjustments vary from 5.5-15 inch, which is definitely enough for even the shortest person, and on top of that, there are 15 positions to put it in. What more would you wish for? A cheaper price perhaps so let’s see what else we go on our list.

Foam Cushion Footrest by Office Ottoman

I suppose the name already reveals the most important feature this footrest has to offer, it’s filled with medical grade foam, that’s also hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. Quite a mouth full. The best part is that the cover is removable and washable.

The tread itself also has an anti-slip profile so that your feet remain in the same position, eg don’t slip away. They even offer a 10% discount if you purchase two at the same time and with the low price of $25.95 you might want to suggest this to your colleague.

Compact Foot Rocker by Huanuo

I definitely had to read the company name a few times before getting it right. Anyhow, this is quite a footrest, you all heard about rocking chairs and this is a rocking footrest. One word: Amazing. I’m not sure if that interferes with what ergonomics are all about but I suppose it’s nice.

It claims to reduce fatigue¬†by improving your blood circulation. There are two height settings with the higher one being more challenging according to their own description. It obviously has an anti-slip profile and it’s easy to assemble with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Where did we hear that before… The thing is, it looks kind of cheap, and it is cheap so if you’re looking for something for the long term this might not be your best pick.

Footrest Cushion by Bovize

This is merely a cushion so I’m not sure this should fall under ergonomic footrests as it’s not adjustable in height or anything like that. Still, it looks to be quite comfortable and it has some brilliant features like an anti-slip tread and it’s easy to clean. Oh well.

Thanks for reading and we hope this article helped you get on your feet!