The Ellis Act Hurts San Francisco's
Seniors & Disabled

Real Estate Speculators' Greed Leads To Unjust Evictions


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  1. To make this site more visible in search engines, link to this web site on community activist websites, facebook, etc. - the more the better. Link to either the Home page (, the Properties Boycott List page (, or preferably BOTH.

  2. Contact Your San Francisco Supervisor and the Mayor and let them know that you support Seniors and the Disabled in your neighborhood and in the City overall and that you want something done to protect them from being evicted from their rent-controlled apartments by real estate speculators abusing the Ellis Act for profit, endangering their futures and depriving your community of their added diversity with each loss. You might want to mention my proposed legislation as follows:

    The San Francisco Planning Dept. is not permitted by law to approve a "Change of Use" or "Merger" permit for any building that is currently, or was just prior to eviction, under rent-control if a senior and/or disabled person eligible for protected tenant status resides in the building or had recently resided in the building prior to being evicted.

    Another possible proposal that I thought about including here is identical to a one made by Tim Redmond, Editor of SF Bay Guardian in his Editor's Notes column (2/6/13) and is follows:

    To evict a tenant who has been living under rent control using the Ellis Act or for owner move-in, the owner should pay enough to make that person whole. Calculate market rent on a similar place; subtract the current rent the tenant is paying, and cover the difference for a period of five years.

    A third proposal was made by my lawyer, Steve Collier, in a conversation with S.F. Supervisor John Avalos' Office. Supervisor Avalos has been working since January on updating the criteria used to approve various building permits by the S.F. Planning Commission. Steve's proposal is as follows:

    All building permits would be banned by the S.F. Planning Commission for mergers where there is a bad eviction (e.g. Ellis, OMI) ten years before the permit is sought.

    Tell your friends and neighbors about this fight and my web site and ask them to contact their supervisors and the mayor as well.

    San Francisco Board of Supervisors Contact Page ----------- Mayor Ed Lee's Contact Page

  3. Join the fight through direct action! Become a member of Eviction Free San Francisco whose mission statement is:

    We are a direct action group, whose mission is to help stop the wave of speculator evictions that have been hitting San Francisco by holding accountable, and confronting, real estate speculators that have been displacing long time San Francisco residents for profit.

  4. Support and donate to the following San Francisco Housing Rights Organizations that have supported me:

    - The Tenderloin Housing Clinic (Providing me with a good lawyer to fight my eviction for no charge due to my low income)

    - The Housing Rights Committee of SF (Counselors Chris & Tommi have given me great, free advice over the past year)

    - The San Francisco Tenants Union (Become a member - Another great resource for advice re: Landlord/Tenant issues)