If you are looking for a toy to buy for a young child, there are so many choices of toys. Which one will a young child enjoy? Should you buy a toy that is fun to play with or one that is an educational toy? Which toys are fun toys for a young child?

Whether you are buying a gift for your own child, grandchild, niece or nephew it is quite a responsibility. You want a toy that a young child will play with, and it will last a fair amount of time.

Building Blocks

Building blocks are always a good choice for a young child. They develop a child’s dexterity and creativity and they are a lot of fun for both children and adults. A young child will have great fun building a wall or blocks, and then will have just as much fun knocking it down! Whilst playing with their blocks, you can also teach the child about colors and counting. Blocks are great developmental toys but are equally great fun.

You can never have too many building blocks so even if the child already has blocks, they can just add to their collection and build bigger and better things.


Nothing really needs to be said about Lego as, like building blocks, it has stood the test of time. When your child is old enough, it is a great gift. You can start off by buying the larger pieces then move to smaller pieces as they grow older. Like blocks, Lego encourages dexterity and creativity. This gift will start a lifelong love of Lego and you can’t go far wrong with it.


Boy or girl, young or old, everybody loves a train. Again toy trains have been part of a child’s toy box since trains were invented! If you are looking for a train as a Christmas gift then these 25 Lionel Christmas trains are a great selection. A train is a great gift even if your child already has a train set. Christmas themed trains are a lovely choice that will be brought out and played with year after year. The whole family will play with them and parents and grandparents are often playing with the trains long after the child has gone to bed.


Push toys like cars are a great gift for toddlers up to older children. These are toys that will spark a child’s imagination and they are great for social play. They start as large, chunky, cars and trucks and as the child gets older the cars you buy get smaller and smaller. A child will often retain their love of cars that was started at an early age. Cars are a great toy for groups of children to play with, together.


Toys that make for active play are definitely something that should be encouraged. If you buy a young child a ball, they will not be sitting still. Balls are great developmental toys as your child will gain motor skills, coordination, dexterity and social skills. Like blocks, they are great for young children to learn colors and counting. Balls can be used inside or outside, though it is generally better to keep specific balls as inside and outside balls. For very young children, they are very interesting and great fun to chase around the house.

Musical Toys

Every parent’s worst nightmare but musical toys make great gifts. There are musical toys from babies up to teenagers and these are always welcomed by the child. They do seem to be toys that are gifted by those not living in the same house as the child more often than not, though! Whether a child grows up with musical abilities, or not, musical instruments are fun toys to play with and again are great for manual dexterity.


Although you may think these are gifts suitable for older children and even adults, there are puzzles designed for very young children. These are great gifts and encourage social play as it is unlikely a young child will be able to complete the puzzle by themselves in the beginning. Puzzles encourage interaction with adults which is never a bad thing. They literally come in all shapes and sizes so if a child likes puzzles there is a lifetime of gifts available.

As you can see there are many choices for gifts for young children. Many of these will last a child through their childhood so are a great investment.