The sun is finally out, the birds are singing, and you have just said goodbye to the winter season. It is now time for spring, and the mood all around is one of cheer and happiness.

One of the things that need help getting back to their glory is your garden. The cold winter season sucks the life out of the garden plants. You need to put in place various measures to breathe some life into the garden.

It is time to get the shed open and pull out the tools and equipment, and get the right supplies from the home improvement store and get some work done in the garden.

Let us look at some of the tips for getting the spring garden beautiful and green before the season wears down.

Clean it up

Winter brings a lot of debris to your garden, and the start of spring is the time to remove this debris from the garden. Use a rake to remove the leaves and other items that the winter season has left around as a souvenir. You also need to clean out any leftover snow as well.

Funny enough, some weeds flourish during winter, and you need to identify them and remove them. Weed removal should be in such a way that you get to the roots so that they do not grow back again.

This is also the time to find out how your tools and equipment are performing and repair them, replace them or sharpen them in readiness for the work ahead.  This is necessary because you require them for maintaining the plants and care for the soil.

One of the top equipment you need when cleaning up is the wheelbarrow. The wheelbarrow allows you to move materials and debris from one corner of the garden to another, and it also becomes vital when you have to carry seedlings and manure to other areas of the garden. Check out more helpful hints on this topic today.

You need to have the right kind of barrow for this task so that you do not have to go for repeat trips all over the garden. You also need a strong barrow that will last long.

Revitalize Your Soil

The soil is usually dried up and stacked during winter. This is the time to add some moisture. You can do this by using manure or compost, the best organic material for this task.

Before you can use organic matter, you need to test the soil and see what kind of nutrients it lacks so that you give it the perfect mixture. You might also be forced to add some fertilizer to increase the health of the soil and make the plants grow much better.

Attend to Old Plants

Plants that have survived winter need to be trimmed so that they grow afresh in Spring. If an unexpected freeze happens, make sure you wait until May to perform the trimming or pruning.

Be careful when pruning the plants. Those plants that bloom need to be pruned immediately they bloom so that you avoid cutting off the future flowers. For summer plants, pruning ought to be done early in spring.

Add Mulch

In addition to the organic materials and fertilizers, you should start thinking about adding mulch to your garden. Go for between one and three inches of mulch so that you can prevent weeds and disease outbreaks.

Using mulch also keeps the moisture in the garden and helps maintain a constant temperature. When applying mulch, allow for some space between the plant and the mulch to prevent the roots from rotting.

Replace Dead Plants and Flowers

Once you have the garden in shape, you will find that some of the plants and shrubs have died. You need to look for good spring plants that will grow faster and that are meant for spring.

Lean more towards planting perennial plants rather than annual ones, because you have to replace annual plants each year.

In Closing

When it comes to tending to your garden during spring, you need to take time to know what tools you have and what you need to buy. Having the right tools makes it easy to handle the different tasks. Choose the plants for the garden wisely too.