Home automation is a great idea that we are moving towards for the future, but it hasn’t yet become a full system. The systems that help to create smart phone don’t communicate with one another they only communicate with you smart phone on separate apps. http://www.thesmartfuture.net/future-home-automation/ gives a great description of the state of home automation. But there are other things you can do to have a great home.

People today are far more aware of the environment and their effect on it in a way that they have never been before. This awareness is finding its’ way into every aspect of life from the way that companies are organizing their processes to the alternative fuel vehicles that automakers are coming out with every year. A new way of reducing people’s carbon footprint is by building their homes with this in line.

One of the things you can do to create a great home is to incorporate the characteristics of green living into the building process. It is a way for your home to inherently be built with great features that benefits, both, you and mother nature. There are a wide variety of ways that people can do this during the building and remodeling processes for their homes.

Features of Green Living

Green living is a lifestyle that takes into accountthe ideas of balance and conservation and preservation of the earth. It is a way of building your home while keeping in mind the home’s effect on the environment. There are various ways that homes can be built with this idea as a central planning method.

  • When you are choosing a plot of land, you want to find the balance between not too big and not too small. Respecting nature and not being so greedy that you want to build an enormous house that just isn’t necessary.
  • It is also a great idea to incorporate the location of your home. Building your home in a community of other homes and businesses that think the same way. These communities keep in mind trying to preserve the best they can with minimal waste and consumption.
  • These types of homes will incorporate energy efficient appliances. Energy star rated appliances use up to 40% less than other appliances. Machines like water and energy efficient washers and water heaters and low flow toilets, showerheads, and sinks.
  • These homes are also built with sustainable materials that are made from renewable resources that are of an organic origin. These types of materials are durable, reusable, and recyclable. These materials include wood that is harvested and produced from sustainable forests, adobe, soil, cork, bamboo, and straw.
  • Passive solar energy systems are also a great feature to incorporate into these types of homes. Solar panels can be used to produce energy for the home without taking from anyone else and all they need is to collect the sunlight that is plentiful and completely renewable. They can be used to run electrical appliances and heat water.
  • Great insulating systems are a fantastic way to make these homes incredibly energy efficient. The best type of system for this is blown insulation based on cellulose with an inert gas layer. This type of blown insulation keeps the home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. This insulation is also nontoxic, fire resistant, and it fills in the gaps better than the traditional insulation sheets.
  • Many of these houses also incorporate high efficiency smoke, carbon, and radon detectors. Most times these are tied into the security and energy consumption monitoring systems so that owners are able to monitor their homes. Not only are they keeping their homes secure, but they know what the air quality is like within their homes. A great ventilation system also factors into the air quality in your home. The air quality within homes is three times worse than the air quality outside.
  • As funny as it sounds, the type of paints and finishes that you choose for your house is very important to this type of home. Paints and finishes can emit toxins into the air for years after they have been applied. Non-volatile and nontoxic paints are chosen to mitigate these circumstances.
  • Another thing that people can do is to add greenery in and around their homes. Not only does it make everything prettier but there is a practical application. Plants are a perfect natural ways of air purification. The take in the greenhouse gas of carbon dioxide and they expel oxygen as a byproduct.

Smart homes will be great once the idea fully comes together. When their different systems of your home can communicate with one another it will be great but until then we have to do things to our homes that are possible and feasible.

Green living is a great way to keep mother nature in mind during the planning and building of the family home. This type of process will reduce the carbon footprint of the home and the entire family. This will not use up resources that cannot be replaced. The using of these natural resources will not only maintain the resource but it can keep people and businesses working and function for many years to come.

One of the great things this process does is save money for the family. It will reduce the amount of energy that the home consumes and, therefore, reduce the amount of fossil fuels that are being consumed. It also reduces the amount of pollution that a home contributes to the environment.