If you decide to hire a DJ for your wedding there would be no problem with that. However, more and more people are going with live entertainment these days instead of the normal playlist from Pandora. If you are one of the millions of couples that are going to tie the knot this year, you will want a few things about your ceremony to stand out.

One of things people will talk about for years to come is the music selection at your reception. The honest truth is that if your music does not get people dancing, they could result in sitting around twiddling there thumbs. This is why you should hire a wedding singer because your entertainment will be costumed and unforgettable.

Hiring a wedding singer is a great way to get interaction. There is nothing interactive about hitting play and waiting for the sound to come through the speakers. With an actual wedding singer you will have much more crowd interaction and participation. And you will do your pockets a favor because hiring a DJ can be expensive. If you hire a great vocalist to give you exceptional live entertainment you will have an experience that does not come with a Disk Jockey.

When you decide to get a wedding singer they will be specially trained to deliver the best entertainment by filling your entire venue with the sounds of their band and music. They spend a lot of time making sure their program is custom made for your wedding.

They will entertain your masses with a flawless star quality performance. The sound of the live music will expand throughout the entire dancehall. There is something captivating about hearing a grand singer on stage. You want to get that expansive sound that comes with being a wedding singer. Most of the time you can look online and get examples and testimonials regarding which wedding singer to choose.

A good place to start would be http://www.theweddingsinger.uk.com/wedding-singer-north-west.htm where you can see several reviews for the amazing James Barlow. He is widely hired in the North West Region of the UK.

When you hire the right wedding singer you make your event so much more special. You make it personable with live bands and or pianos playing. Imagine a singer performing a solo of your favorite love song. You want to explore several options for entertainment, but look into this option and see why a wedding singer trumps other choices.

With a for sure entertainment option that everybody loves, your event will be a hit. Imagine your wedding singer calling your name out and adding your name in a song. Or maybe they will sing a special song that is written just for you. There are a lot of options for the wedding singer to perform so make sure you have your requests.

Have fun auditioning them and make sure you are happy with your choice before the big day. Everybody will have such a great time on your special day!