How to look like your favorite animated movie stars

There are so many video tutorials these days with makeup, hair and outfit tips to help you look like your favorite star. For example, if you want to look like Miley before she went all crazy and started looking like a bit of a fiend, there are plenty of tutorials which will tell you where to find some purple skinny jeans and how to rip them appropriately. They’ll tell you what band t-shirts to wear and what color cardigans to wear them with. They show you what Miley liked to wear on her feet – high heeled sandals or flip-flops. They’ll show you where you can get hold of some of the cheap Miley-type accessories she used to wear.

If you’re not sure about how to copy makeup from sight, it will teach you which products she uses, and how to apply them in Miley’s style. You learn that you can make your eyes look bigger by smearing black eyeshadow at the end of your eyes and then smudging it, a la Miley. Then you could progress to learning about how to curl your hair like she does and even how to sing in her style.

If, however, you’re more interested in make-belief than the real world, you’re probably more interested in making yourself look like a fictitious, animated character than a real person. In that case, you might find it difficult to learn how to get that just-crayoned-in look. Never fear, however. Animated characters are usually drawn with similar features to real people and may in fact be based on the image of a real human being that actually exists somewhere, but who we will never know about because they are not a famous actor.

Take, for example, Pocahontas. Lots of young girls want to look like Pocahontas, but it’s quite a challenge, especially for girls who are not of Native American ethnicity to get the look just right. You’ll still need the typical tools of the trade – stock up your makeup drawer, make sure you have some great hair care products, curlers and blow dryers (you can find out which ones are most suitable at Oomphed!)

If you don’t have copper skin, you can cover your skin with a matte bronzer to look more like the character. If you don’t have naturally straight, black hair, that’s your excuse to rush off down to the salon and get it dyed jet black and straightened. You might need extensions, which could be expensive and hard to come by, but they will be worth it as otherwise you’d have to grow your own hair and keep dying the roots until it’s long enough.

Another thing is your eyes. If you have dark brown eyes already, you’re fine. Otherwise you’re looking at colored contact lenses. Sunglasses didn’t exist in Pocahontas’s time.

Pocahontas and many other animated female characters have well-defined cheekbones (as do many real life people who are revered for their looks) – use bronzer to bring out the definition in yours.

Use eyeliner to fill in your brows and use eyeliner to give your eyes the correct shape – you should be trying to achieve an almond shape. Remember that the real-life Pocahontas didn’t wear lipstick and so her lips would have been a reddish brown. That, of course, is of no concern to us, as the animated Pocahontas clearly wore red lipstick and this should make your lips a focal point of your face.

As for clothing, like many animated characters’ clothing, you’re not going to find it at the mall. You basically have three options here – you could go to a fancy dress shop, which would be the most convenient option. However, you might find that the costumes are flimsy and don’t look all that good. If you are good with a needle and thread you could buy the material yourself and get to work on it. This might be the cheapest option. The most expensive option would be to have the costume tailor-made for you. This will probably give you the closest look.

Pocahontas’s costume, thankfully isn’t that elaborate. You can go barefoot and just wear a yellow, wraparound dress and a turquoise and diamond necklace.