The Ellis Act Hurts San Francisco's
Seniors & Disabled

Real Estate Speculators' Greed Leads To Unjust Evictions


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Another San Francisco Senior and Disabled Tenant Being Evicted By Real Estate Speculators Using The Ellis Act!


Could This Happen To You?



To my neighbors in the Castro and Beyond:


The answer to the above question is: YES, it could happen to you if you are a senior and/or disabled tenant who is currently living in a rent-controlled building in San Francisco. If you have lived in your rental unit for 10 years or more then you are considered a "protected tenant" and there are very few reasons you can be evicted for just cause; however, the Ellis Act throws all that protection out the window.


I am a disabled senior and I am being evicted from my apartment in the building located at 460 Noe Street after 18+ years even though I am considered a “protected tenant” under San Francisco’s rent control laws. But like I indicated above, rent control and protected tenant status mean absolutely nothing when The Ellis Act is used by real estate speculators/owners to go out of the rental business allowing them to evict each and every tenant and then resell the building as TIC’s (Tenants-In-Common apartments) or merge apartments into a single family dwelling most times making a huge profit with little or no concern for the fate of the tenants after eviction.


We just had a big election in this country choosing between two distinct views of government - the "we're all in this together" view where we don't abandon the vulnerable among us and the "you're totally on your own" limited government approach. California, and San Francisco especially, voted for, and for the most part agree with, President Obama's "we're all in this together" view of government which is why years ago we put in place rent control laws to begin with. Shouldn't we act accordingly and do our best to protect our senior and disabled long-time residents and keep them from losing their homes just because someone else wants to make a windfall profit? I am calling on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to help with legislation now (my proposals).


To that end, I think using the Ellis Act to evict seniors and/or disabled tenants who have lived in their apartments for 10, 15, 20, 25 years or more, most times just subsisting on fixed incomes and who may be forced to move out of San Francisco altogether because they won’t be able to afford a new apartment here with rents at least 2-3 times higher than they have been paying under rent control, is simply WRONG! This is not how a compassionate community or city should treat its seniors and disabled residents and it is my goal to outlaw using the Ellis Act by owners and real estate speculators to evict senior and disabled tenants from their rent-controlled apartments.


On a personal note, I have always been a very private person not prone to sharing information regarding my problems publically with people outside of my small circle of friends and family and I have always tried my best to handle these problems on my own. But now, faced with the loss of my home and the real possibility that I will be forced to leave my beloved city of San Francisco forever, I have decided to publicize my eviction - even if that includes having to make my health problems and financial limitations public as a result of this effort. I am not looking for pity. I just want to shed a light on a growing problem in this city for many senior and disabled tenants like myself and hoping for a little justice. I may eventually lose this fight, but at least I will know that I took a stand and didn't fall prey to the intimidating tactics of real estate speculators and their lawyer to get me to vacate my home. Any community support I can garner in my struggle will certainly be appreciated.


I wanted to start this website, not only to highlight my eviction fight but also to hopefully tell the stories of other senior and/or disabled residents in the Castro or in San Francisco who are currently going through, or have recently gone through, a similar situation because of the use of The Ellis Act. If you or someone you know is willing to share their Ellis eviction story, please contact me.