Allergens are typically harmless to those people with healthy immune systems, however, are capable of causing a nasty immune response among the sensitive. To guarantee you and your family’s health, act to minimize allergens indoors. Thus, you must follow a few methods for decreasing the likelihood of these particles from moving into your home.

Bathing: Clean Yourself Up

Whenever you go outside, you carry along with you many different types of allergens. It could be dust, pollen, or any other particulates out there. Thus, you need to bathe to keep yourself from contributing dirt into your home. Also, you may want to change your clothes afterward and keep your shoes outside.

Filters: Effortless Protection

Thanks to HVAC filters, you can keep allergens outdoors automatically without manual labor. Although the high-efficiency particulate air or HEPA filters are the best among the filter types, these come with a disadvantage of increasing your electric bills. If you find HEPA filters too costly, then you may opt for medium filters instead which utilize less energy and will suffice for the everyday small-sized to large particles. For the installation process, you may examine this website’s interesting stuff, including available HVAC services and the areas they serve, or you may opt for a local company. Lastly, you can save yourself the trouble by letting a technician handle the job.

Flowers: Beautiful Yet Harmful

You may think that keeping flowers into your home is an elegant form of decoration. However, you must also consider the fact their pollens are allergens. Yes, the flowers that you keep may just be the culprit why someone in your home often catches a cold. Hence, you must either keep them outside or gather them all in only one place or room, so anyone allergic can avoid them.

Pets: Keep Out of the Bedroom

Your pets may seem all cuddly, but they are major allergen sources so be cautious. If you have a family member with allergies, then avoid adopting pets if you can. However, if you intend on welcoming one into your home, then go for the hairless or less hairy varieties such as a Sphynx cat or a Labradoodle. Or, you may even settle for a goldfish or a reptile pet instead. If you already have a hairy pet in your home, then never let them into your bedrooms.

Upholstery: Inconvenient Elegance

Upholstered furniture may grant you the bragging rights especially during parties, but depending on design, these may be full of allergens. Furniture, particularly furry chairs and sofas, may be of discomfort for your family and turn off your visitors if someone suddenly sneezes. Thus, you should consider replacing them with furniture that utilizes leather, metal, plastic, or wood materials. After all, comfort comes first and elegance second when it comes to home furniture.


Although allergens are everywhere, you have various methods for preventing them from coming indoors. Specifically, you can add filters into your HVAC, bathe when you come back home, remove flowers indoors, keep allergy-friendly pets, and even change your furniture. Overall, you must proactively apply these methods to keep your home healthy.