As you use your car traveling to and from work, or run errands, it becomes misaligned. This is when you hear the mechanic telling you that you need wheel alignment performed on the vehicle. Poor wheel alignment is caused by driving over speed humps and potholes repeatedly. These alter your vehicle’s steering as well as the suspension. When it becomes worse, you risk damaging vital components of your vehicle such as tires and other parts.

When your steering and suspension components are damaged, the safety of your vehicle reduces and you run into extra costs. Let us look at the signs that you need to check your alignment, and then explore the benefits that come with a properly aligned vehicle.

The Steering Wheel Isn’t Centered

When driving on a straight, level, flat road, your steering wheel ought to be nearly straight. The tiny discrepancy is permitted due to the nature of the road. If you notice that the wheel is off the center by a few degrees in either direction, you need to have an alignment done. Alignment returns the steering wheel to the center and improves the drivability of your vehicle as well.

The Vehicle Pulls to the Side

A vehicle pull is easy to notice especially when you drive on a straight road. You don’t have to remove your hands from the steering wheel to notice this issue. If you detect a slight pull to the right or to the left when your hands are on the steering wheel, it is time to perform a wheel alignment. The alignment will correct the pull and improve safety and drivability of the vehicle.

Abnormal Tire Wear Patterns

In normal circumstances, your tires need to wear off uniformly in all places. If the wear is focused on just a few areas, you need to suspect wheel alignment problems. Visit a mechanic to check all your tires for abnormal wear, which would require you to have an alignment performed.

The Steering Wheel Doesn’t Return to the Centre

It is just normal that after completing a sharp turn, your steering wheel ought to get back to the center on its own without the need to exert any force on your part. However, you need to keep both your hands on the wheel to achieve this and maintain control of your vehicle. If the steering wheel sticks at the point of turning or you have to use force to return it to the center, you need to have wheel alignment done as fast as possible.

Unstable Handling

If you notice that the steering wheel on your car is unstable or a bit loose, a possible cause would be poor wheel alignment. You might feel this as you drive, or you might notice your vehicle becoming a bit sloppy when you negotiate corners. If you notice these symptoms, make sure to have your alignment checked.

The Alignment Was Done Ling Time Ago

One of the surefire ways to know when to do alignment is when a considerable amount of time since the last wheel alignment. You can have this service as part of your annual maintenance program to make sure your wheels remain in their recommended alignment. Generally, seek for wheel alignment after 6 months or 6,000 miles, depending on how you use your vehicle.

Due to the advances in technology, wheel alignment services are just a click away. All you have to do is log onto the internet and find a mechanic to do it for you. You can book in advance so that you know exactly when to go for the service. This eliminates the need to queue, which can be time consuming. Start the process to proper wheel alignment today by visiting a professional mechanic. Click this link to book an appointment with one today.

How Do You Benefit?

You stand to save money when you have your wheels aligned. Your tires will last longer and you will drive without any risk of accidents. Staying safe on the road is due to the fact that wheel alignment eliminates the side pull – which poses a high risk especially when it rains.


You need perfectly aligned wheels to save money and stay safe on the road. Before you take your car to the mechanic, make sure you watch out for various signs that point to a poorly aligned vehicle. Once you notice these signs, make haste to book an appointment with your mechanic to have the issue handled. The process takes just a few hours and you are guaranteed of safety for several months to come.