Running a retail store is risky business. Seriously! You don’t think so? Well, you may want to know an estimated $35 million worth of merchandise gets stolen daily from retailers every day according to the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention. Sure, the numbers are worrying but safeguarding your retail store doesn’t have to be that hard. These tips will help get you started.

Installing Roller Shutters

Mounting roller shutters at your retail store’s entrance and windows is one of the most effective ways to enhance security. Be sure to look for high-quality commercial rollers or security door grills. Whenever possible, choose shutters made using sturdy stainless steel. You may opt for poly-carbonate or aluminum if you’re on a tight budget.

The idea is to provide a secure barricade that will deter burglars from breaking into your store. Even then, you should ensure that you hire a professional company to install the shutters. At the very least, you want to be sure that the installation is perfect and done as per your requirements. In other words, pay an expert to do the job.

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Increase Visibility Within the Store

You need to come up with clever ways to keep an eye on your stock and inventory. You may, for instance, install mirrors at strategic positions to avoid blind corners. Consider placing taller shelves nearer the perimeter and the short ones close to the cash register. Besides, such an arrangement helps keep your store neat and tidy. By extension, this implies that your employees can notice if something goes amiss or identify if merchandise gets lost easily.

Install Security Systems

Other than roller shutters, installing a surveillance system could go a long way in making your retail store safer. In fact, you should be running the place without decent security cameras. Sure, you will part with a tidy sum in the beginning, but the cost is worth it in the long run. On top of that, CCTV cameras will help monitor your premises when you’re not around or after business hours. Plus, a sound system will ensure that your employees don’t laze around.

Have a Solid Shoplifting Policy

Hire an experienced lawyer to craft a watertight shoplifting policy. Avoid ambiguous terms. Think of it as a way of cautioning the would-be shoplifters and most importantly, letting them know what awaits them if they shoplift and get caught. Place the warning in a strategic position where everybody entering or shopping in your store can see. Also, don’t hesitate to take action on the anybody caught shoplifting to keep thieves intending to rob you at bay.

Lock up Your Merchandise

Be sure to use a protective barrier over your items, especially if you’re dealing with expensive things such as jewelry. You can open small slots to give limited access to shoppers for your merchandise. Or, you may seal off the entire counter with transparent glass and let a potential buyer point at whatever he/she wants to buy before you can give it to them.  Don’t display all your items. Lock them safely in your store. This way, you can prevent loses and damage in case of there’s an armed robbery.

Stay Alert

You need to be aware of what is going on within your store at all times. Train your employees how to detect anyone with ill intentions and stop them in their tracks.  Record your stock when opening and closing your store. Keep an inventory of new stock. In short, know what’s inside your shop so that you can tell when items go missing.

Walk with Your Customer

One of the best ways to prevent shoplifting is to take your customer around the store. You should do it tactically without making them feel uneasy or suffocated. Train your employees how to help shoppers genuinely while observing their behaviors at the same time. Or, you can master the art of tailing your customers without them noticing.

The Bottom Line

You’ve spent a lot of money stocking up your retail store, so the least that you can do is to keep it safe. You must, as a strict policy, not allow people to get inside your store with backpacks and bags. Check the bag thoroughly if a shopper insists that he/she has to enter the premises with their luggage. Don’t forget to tally purchases with the invoice. Instruct customer attendants to double check the merchandise sold to avoid mistakes. See? That’s not so hard to do, is it?