Top 6 Home Gym Equipment for Cardio Workouts

When it comes boosting your fitness, losing weight, building muscle and shrinking your waistline, the best cardio equipment in your home gym is one that burns off the most calories. So, what’s the best equipment for cardio exercises? Read on for more information.

A treadmill

Running is always an effective exercise. If you’re able afford a treadmill, having it in your gym at home can give you your daily 3 miles no matter how much rain and ice Mother Nature dishes out.

You can burn 600 to 1200 calories an hour running on your treadmill, and the best way to increase your metabolism long after exercise is to run up an incline on your treadmill. On the other hand, you can only burn 150 to 400 calories an hour walking on a treadmill, depending on your incline and speed.

If you’re exercising on a treadmill, then jog or run (as long as your joints handle it) or walk up an incline. One common mistake many treadmill users make is to constantly cling to the handrails, so avoid it. Only use the handrails if you have serious balance issues or need to stabilize yourself to alter a setting.

An elliptical machine

Elliptical machines have elicited much debate in gyms around the country. Although some fitness purists believe that the treadmill is superior, there are lots of benefits to be had from an elliptical machine taking its specific condition into account.

For starters, elliptical machines facilitate low impact workouts; the gliding movement helps those with back pain and joint issues to work out without their body getting out of place. In addition, ellipticals are pretty good for multitasking, so if you are the sort that likes to watch shows on your phone or read, this can be a perfect addition to your gym.

A punching bag

If you spend enough time and use the right technique to work the punching bag, you can achieve a total-body cardio workout. Moreover, as well as working up a generous amount of sweat, you get the chance to hit something really hard; a great way to ease whatever stress you have in your life.

A rowing machine

A rowing machine can help increase your level of fitness in many different ways. It can help build and tone your muscles, improve your endurance, and strengthen cardiovascular function. It’s a perfect way to burn off calories, so if you’re mainly aiming to lose weight, thinking about investing in a nice rowing machine. Rowing is also ideal for people with joint and back issues, as it places less strain on these parts provided that they’re using a good form.

A bike

The pedaling movement of a bike works the large and powerful muscles of the leg and can burn off 500-1000 calories an hour, which makes it one of the best calorie-burning gym equipment available, provided that you use it well. However, most people don’t choose a high enough resistance, and instead allow the natural motion of a bike’s pedals to do all the work. To get the most out of your bike, find a resistance that will make you breathe fast and hard at 90 revolutions per minute (90 RPM). Most stationary bikes display RPM on the monitor.

A stairmaster

A stairmaster is used for low impact workouts for calf muscles, as well as a small area of your butt and upper thighs—and only burns off 400-500 calories an hour. In addition, it’s not ideal for those with low back pain as it aggravates the pain during the down and up movement of the stairmaster.

However, if you’re fortunate enough to get access to the sort of equipment that lets you walk up moving stairs, then you can achieve far better results. This will give you the same calorie-burning effect as running up your treadmill, and do an amazing job toning your thighs and butt. While using a stairmaster, try to hold dumbbells or decrease your pace and take three to four steps each time.

No matter which type of cardio workout you choose, make sure to switch things up regularly and try new types of cardio. Therefore, if you always run, switch to walking or cycling and so on. This will help to constantly challenge your body and ensure it burns off many more calories.