Let’s talk about chainsaws today, I know it’s a little late perhaps as your wood might be frozen by now, and it’s a little early as spring hasn’t kicked in yet but the devil is in the details so better be well prepared for your next purchase. Before we go reviewing the actual chainsaws on offer I’d like to thank chaincutting.com for inspiring me to write this post.

Let’s start with Amazon’s Choice

Amazon is awesome because they have their own team of dedicated reviewers and that’s how they can make their own choice. In this case there are three products to choose from, the best under $125 is the Black & Decker, if we go up a notch we land in the $125-$300 price range which goes to DeWalt at just $145 and the winner in the top range of $300 and higher is well deserved by the Husqvarna. Below we are going to review these chainsaws in a little more detail.

Starting with the Black + Decker LCS1020

The first thing I notice about the Black and Decker is that’s how they write it in the Netherlands and I can’t imagine this is another brand that uses the + sign instead. It doesn’t just sound strange, it looks strange as well so although interesting perhaps the people in the US have never known it any differently than that so Black + Decker it is for people in America.

It has plenty of reviews, nearly a thousand the last time I checked with a solid rating in the 4+ range so with that much positive feedback it’s probably well deserved. This is a battery powered chainsaw that runs on 20 Volt. It has a 10-inch kickback bar and chain, what that exactly means you will have to find out yourself as I’m a little in a rush. The blade tension system is easy to adjust and you don’t need any tools for that and last but not least it comes with a wrap around bale handle.

Although it’s battery driven you do need to change the oil now and then, or at least make sure there’s plenty of it as the saw blade requires that. Although they brag that the battery lasts 5 times longer than usual due to the lithium battery it’s a little harder to find out how long the battery actually lasts. I did my research and if you keep cutting non-stop the battery will run dry within 20-25 minutes, luckily the batteries are universal so if you have any other battery driven product from Black+Decker you can use that one when you run out of power.

Next on our list – Dewalt DCCS620B

This chainsaw also comes with a 20 Volt battery and is only a little bit more expensive, about 30 bucks. Obviously, this is another cordless chain saw, just a little better than the one we reviewed above. The ham question is once again. How long does the battery last? Well, I haven’t been able to find any exact figures but one reviewer said it lasted for several hours and there was still some charge left. I find this hard to imagine as the one above uses a similar type of battery so maybe this reviewer had some breaks in-between.

The ratings are excellent though so we can exclude the possibility that this would be a waste of your money, with almost 500 people taking the effort to review it and rating it at 4.4 stars (this is the average) it’s doing exceptionally well in the eye of the beholder.

Instead of a 10-inch kick bar, this one comes with a 12-inch kick bar so that partly explains the difference in price. The engine is impressive, as it has a brushless motor that maximizes the run time. Maybe the initial reviewer was right and it’s not all about the battery but how to turn that charge into more efficient power. In other words, if you have jobs that require more time I would spend a little more and get this rocker.

Third comes Husqvarna 460

If you go for a chainsaw for heavy-duty work you obviously don’t settle for a battery powered one as that makes zero sense. Therefore the Husqvarna doesn’t disappoint the regular gardener and provides a gas-powered model instead. Thanks to its Xtorq system it burns fuel more efficiently so you don’t have to change the gas too often.

Some other features include a Smart-Start, air injection, an oil pump that’s adjustable, and a quick release air filter which reduces the time you spend on maintaining this power tool. With 250 reviews and a rating of 4.5, it’s definitely not a bad choice.

Summing It Up

There you have it, the more you pay, the higher the chance you end up with a battery powered chainsaw if that’s not what you were looking for then simply pick the Husqvarna or get yourself informed at your local hardware store. You can always buy it later at Amazon or another online retailer anyway and pay the best possible price.