When you have young children, you worry about everything. You want to do the best for your child. This even includes toys which should be easy to buy. Choosing toys is especially important when your child is a 2-year-old toddler as this is a vital stage in your child’s life. They spend their time developing and exploring the world. Playing is a very important part of this but what toys should you give to your child? Research shows that playing with traditional toys helps your toddler’s development more than electronic toys.

Why Toddlers Play

You might think your child is just banging and throwing things, but they are actually playing and learning. Playing with toys develops their creativity, they start thinking about problem-solving and they interact with others. Your child will start developing their imagination, their motor skills, and even their stamina. At the age of 2, your toddler’s brain is in an important stage of development.

Benefits of Traditional Toys

You may wonder if there is still a place for traditional toys. Yes, there is and actually, they are very trendy and popular. It is nice to think that your child is playing with the same type of toy as you did, and your parents did and so on. They might even be playing with the same actual toy as quality traditional toys do last for many years.

Young children learn through their senses and copying people. This is one reason why traditional toys are so good for toddlers. They will not know how to build a wall with wooden bricks until they watch you doing it. Then they start copying and learning it for themselves. Unlike an electronic toy, a child can do whatever they want with a traditional toy so they start becoming more creative with their play. Sometimes too creative! Think of your child’s play as being 10% the toy, and the other 90% your child and their imagination.

Push toys are great for your child’s physical and mental development and both girls and boys love them. Everyone loves a train and a great gift is a wooden train set for 2 year old toddlers as your child will love and play with it for years. No one ever grows out of a love of playing with trains so they are interactive family fun. Toys like train sets develop so many skills as your child will build the track, play with the trains, make the noises and invent many scenarios. A toddler is certainly not sat still when playing with trains.

Problems With Electronic Toys

Electronic toys are quite lonely toys and your child will sit and play by themselves. Some electronic toys can frighten young children with the volume or type of noise they make. There is also so much going on with this type of toy that your toddler can tire easily.

If you watch children playing with electronic toys, they sit in one place and play with them. Compare that with a child playing with a push toy or a ball where they are never still. Your child will learn more being active and touching things than through sitting still. Children can’t be creative with an electronic toy as the toy just does what it is made or programmed to do.

Of course, there are some benefits to electronic toys and many young children find them exciting. However, play with these types of toys should be limited especially with 2-year-old toddlers. A mix of mainly traditional toys, like trains and bricks, with a few electronic toys, is better for your toddler’s development and play.