Once you have purchased your bread machine, the next step is to find out what accessories you can get to make the whole baking, storage, and serving experience much better. For such tasks, you have access to a wide variety of accessories to make use of. However, you won’t need all of them, just a few that suit your varied needs. Let us look at various accessories, what they do and leave the decision for you to make on which one to pick as your next purchase.

Bread Slicer

This comes in a wide range of sizes to accommodate the size of the bread that you bake. The slicer allows you to cut the bread into different slices, making it easy for you to serve. If you have tried cutting bread with a knife, you know how frustrating it can be. Apart from being difficult, you also risk cutting yourself! The slicer keeps the blades away from your hands, so you never worry about injuring yourself in the process. You can choose a slicer depending on the material – plastic or wooden.

Bread Basket

After taking some time to bake your bread, you need to display it in the best way. The bread will look disorganized and tacky if you just throw it on any plate. This is where a bread basket comes in handy. The basket comes with air vents to keep the bread fresh for longer. Some of the baskets come with adjustable air vents to allow you to decide how much air you want in the basket. The storage makes your bread look more presentable.

Baking Pan

You can always get an original replacement pan for your bread machine. Just a caution though, you need to get a pan that is compatible with the particular model of bread pan you own. Know the replacement accessories beforehand by looking at the Best Bread Maker Reviews 2017. The biggest feature of such a pan should be a non-stick bakeware. You can get an extra one just to have a different size and an extra one just for faster baking.

Cutting Board

This is another excellent accessory when making homemade bread. The board catches the crumbs so that they don’t create a mess when slicing through the fresh bread. Using this board eliminates the need for a plate, knowing too well that using a knife on a plate can cause nasty results.

Slicing Knife

Try any other knife on your freshly-baked bread, and you will end up with crumbs all over your table. If you want clean-sliced bread slices similar to what you get from the supermarket, you need a special knife for the task. The knife you need to select should be stainless steel that doesn’t corrode or rust. The knives come in different shapes and sizes to give you a world of choice.

To make the knife comfortable for use, it usually comes with a handle that is riveted to the edge of the knife. You enjoy a strong grip that makes it easy to cut the bread. You can pair this accessory with a cutting board for vest results. Make sure the knife is sharp enough to cut through the bread without leaving unsightly cracks in the middle of the slice.


These are a few accessories that you need to accompany your bread machine, or as a gift for a special someone. These accessories make it easy for you to prepare your bread and serve it as required. Make sure you choose accessories that are compatible with your bread machine so that you enjoy perfect results. Right from a slicing knife to a slicer, you have several options when it comes to these accessories.